Road Side Trees for Landscaping

When we are travelling through the roads in Malaysia, have you ever noticed the trees planted along the roadsides?

Having to understand why people plant these is trees there will help us to make the right tree selection for future developments roads side decoration.

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Sabah Snake Grass

Sabah snake grass is an amazing discovery to the mankind. There is lots of information about Sabah snake grass available over the Internet, such as the followings:

sabah snake grass

  • Locally (in Malaysia) grown herbal plant which is gaining popularity to fight cancer.
  • Known to be anti snake venom, anti cell lysis, can treat inflammatory condition like hematoma, contusion, strain and sprains of injuries, rheumatism, treat dysentery, kidney problems, treat diabetes, treat fever, effective in regulating menstrual function, relieving pain, anemia, jaundice and setting of fractural bones, treat herpes infection, anti-dote for various toxins and etc.
  • Known to have significant antiviral properties and improve immune system by increasing lymphocyte proliferation significantly by reducing the activity of natural killer cells (NK cells).
  • Has antioxidant activity –protective effect against free radical-induced haemolysis
  • Known in the market to reverse early stage uterus cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia patients, dialysis patients, high blood, high uric acid and diabetes.

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Everybody likes gardening

Nobody can deny that Malaysian’s love gardening. Just like me, many have started writing and sharing their experience and hobby on this topic online.

Other Malaysia bloggers in the Internet who are blogging about gardening, landscaping, Horticulture and etc. are listed below: Continue reading

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